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What about corn lodging? How to prevent maize lodging effectively

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Corn cutting top:

After the corn flowering and feeding, corn top cutting operation, corn top cutting can reduce the height of corn, make corn wind resistance enhancement, is the most direct and effective solution of corn lodging, corn cob can get nutrition, but also can inhibit the growth point, reduce the height, lodging resistance.Can be harvested 7-15 days in advance, reduce water more than 5 percent, reduce mildew grain, promote grain straight harvest.Reasonably close planting to increase yield.

Corn top cutting is to pull out the male ear before tasseling powder, so that the water and nutrients consumed by the male ear can be transferred to the growth and development of the female ear, and the light condition of the population can be improved by top cutting, so that the ear can grow, and the grain and weight of the ear can be increased.In corn borers, aphids in serious harm areas, the removal of male ear can reduce pests.



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