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High temperature weather of summer hits medicine to produce key not easily so, hit again top 2 times

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Summer is the peak of the damage of various diseases and insect pests, and the temperature rise also brought inconvenience to the crops, but also easy to occur drug damage.In summer, how to hit medicine ability to avoid drug harm, and improve efficacy, produce to hit the effect of top twice thereby?

One, according to the temperature and its change trend to determine the time

No matter plant or insect or germ, 20~30℃, especially 25℃, is the most appropriate activity temperature.At this time of medicine, in the active phase of the disease cordyceps will be more effective, safer for crops.

In the summer heat season, dosing should be done before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m.

In the cool months of spring and autumn, it should be after 10am and before 2pm.

Winter and spring greenhouses, the best choice sunny warm weather in the morning.

Second, according to the humidity and its change trend to determine the time

After the liquid from the nozzle is deposited on the target, it needs to spread out to form a uniform film to cover the surface of the target to the greatest extent, thus "masking" the pests and diseases on the target.The liquid will be affected by many factors from deposition to expansion, among which the influence of air humidity is greater.

If the air humidity is low, the water in the drops will quickly evaporate into the air, even before the liquid spreads out in the air humidity is too high. The liquid deposited on the surface of the plants, especially the big fog drops, will easily condense into larger liquid drops, and the lower part of the plants will be deposited under the influence of gravity for a second time, which will also cause drug damage.

Therefore, there are two rules to follow for the time of day:

One is slightly dry air humidity;

Second, the liquid can form a dried film on the target surface before sunset.

Three, the three common delusions

1. Determine the dosage per barrel of water by dilution only

Most people are used to calculating how much medicine is added to a barrel of water by dilution, which is not very reliable.The reason for controlling and calculating how much to add to the medicine cabinet is to figure out what dose of medicine is needed per unit area of the plant to ensure good efficacy and safety to the plant and the environment.

Special note: according to the number of dilution in each barrel of water to add the number of agents, but also to calculate the number of barrels of water per mu, spraying speed and other details.

At present, due to the constraints of labor, many people tend to add to the liquid medicine tank dosing, quick spray, this approach is clearly wrong.The most reasonable course of action is to choose a device with better spray performance, or mix the drug according to the product instructions and spray it carefully.

2. The closer the nozzle is to the target, the better the efficacy will be

As the liquid comes out of the nozzle, it hits the air and breaks into smaller droplets as it rushes forward, stumbling as the droplets get smaller and smaller.In other words, the farther away you are from the sprinkler head, the smaller the droplets are.Small droplets are more likely to deposit and spread on a target.So, it's not that the sprinkler head is more effective when it's close to the plant.

Generally speaking, the sprayer of knapbag electric sprayer should be kept at a distance of 30~50 cm from the target, while the motor sprayer should be kept at a distance of about 1 meter. According to the performance of the sprayer and its sprayer, the drug effect will be better if the sprayer swings the sprayer so that the drug mist falls on the target.

3. The smaller the droplets, the better the effect

The smaller the droplet, the better. Droplet size is related to its better distribution, deposition, and spread on the target.If the droplets are too small to float in the air and deposit on the target, this is a waste.If the droplets are too large, the amount of liquid that falls to the ground increases, which is also a waste.

Therefore, it is necessary to select suitable spray instruments and sprinkler heads according to the objects and the space environment where they are to be controlled. Smoke machines can be selected for the prevention and control of diseases, whiteflies, aphids and other micro-pests in a relatively closed shed.


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