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Do not spray at noon in hot weather in summer

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Many farmers have the illusion that the higher the temperature, the better the effect of spraying chemical pesticides, so they often choose to spray at noon or afternoon.Actually, this kind of spraying method is very unscientific, especially in the summer, the side effect is very big.

Do not spray at noon in hot weather in summer

There are several reasons for this:

1. Poor insecticidal effect

In summer, the high noon temperature and strong sunlight make the hot conditions not conducive to the activities of pests.Insect pests have to hide in the shade. At this time, it is difficult for the liquid to contact the insect directly. Therefore, the control effect is poor.

2.The operator is easy to be poisoned

High temperatures promote the evaporation of pesticides, which can be dispersed directly into the air.

At noon, the temperature is high, the operator's breathing intensity is large, the metabolism speed is fast;In the process of continuous application, the pesticide volatilizes into the air, increasing the concentration of drug molecules in the air.At this time, volatile pesticides can enter the human body through respiratory tract or capillary pores, plus high temperature operation, human resistance to decline, so often produce pesticide poisoning and heatstroke syndrome, easy to cause life danger.Light body fatigue, headache, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite;Vomiting, salivation, abdominal pain, breathing difficulties, blurred vision, cramps, and unconsciousness are very dangerous for those with severe symptoms.

3. Easy to cause harm to crops

Heat is often accompanied by strong light, easy to cause the plant leaf wilting, make the plant itself immune function decline, the spraying easy lead to the adr, especially some alkaline stronger pesticides, such as pine base mixture, lime sulfur mixture, bordeaux mixture, etc., into the crop stem hole, increase crop water burden, destruction of crop physiology and organization, can cause burning the symptom such as leaves, leaf curl, wilting, had a great influence on the output of crops.

4. Serious waste of spray

Pesticide liquid, generally have volatile and easy to decompose the characteristics.The temperature is too high, pesticide volatilization is strong, volatilization quantity is big, pesticide is often sprayed before long be evaporated, make the residual effect period of pesticide is shortened greatly, do not have due prevention effect, cause waste.

5. Insect pests are susceptible to drug resistance

When the temperature is too high, more than 35℃, some pests can not bear and are in a thermal coma, do not eat and do not move. At this point, they are not sensitive to various external factors. After spraying pesticide, they cannot be killed.


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