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[Agricultural technology] a small secret that can increase the yield of maize by 10%!!!

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In summer sowing, alternate desorption of maize is a simple and feasible stimulation measure to separate the male ear from the male ear when the parietal leaf has not yet blossomed.In general, castration plots can increase the yield by 8%-10% compared with non-castration plots.


Reduced nutrient consumption, early flowering and ripening

Maize is a cross-pollinated crop, pollinated by wind, with 95% of its pollination coming from different plants.In other words, the female ear of corn can fertilize and produce seed without pollen from the original male ear.The nutrient supply to the female panicle after castrating can promote the development of the female panicle, extract the filaments 2-3 days in advance, increase the pollination time of the female panicle filaments, make the grains of the female panicle plump, increase the 1000-grain weight and increase the yield.That is to achieve early flowering, early pollination, early maturity, grain and spike weight effect.


Ventilation and light transmission, improve the utilization of light energy 

After desiccation, the shade of the tassel on the leaves was reduced, the cover of a lot of pollen on the leaves was reduced, and the light transmittance condition of the upper leaves of the ear was greatly improved.It was determined that the light intensity of the top leaves increased by 27.2%, the light intensity of the middle leaves increased by 21.4%, and the light intensity of the lower leaves increased by 15.9%.The increase of light in maize leaves not only increased the light energy rate and photosynthetic function, but also produced more photosynthetic products, provided grain filling, reduced hollow stalks and bald tips, increased grain weight and increased yield.


Reduce a variety of insect pests, conducive to increase production and income

It was proved that the overlapping of corn borer and ear aphid occurred in the period of corn emasculation.Because corn diamondworm is more in the young heart leaf harm, so people in castrating, to resolutely will have corn borer and ear aphis male ear pulled out, so will achieve the effect of castrating and insect treatment, beneficial increase yield.According to investigation, the field corn borer after castration will be reduced by 1/3.


Reduce plant height to prevent lodging


High maize plant can lead to lodging and late ripening, affecting maize yield.The plant height can be reduced by 30-40 cm between rows of castrating maize, and a number of wind channels are formed in the field, which improves the ventilation condition of upper leaves.In addition, due to the change of plant type, the plant height and spike position were significantly reduced, so that the center of gravity of corn was moved down, thus improving the lodging resistance of corn.


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