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Agricultural mechanization indispensable agricultural machinery and tools

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Is also a busy spring season, for farmers this season in addition to the selection of seed fertilizer but also choose pesticides and pesticide spraying tools, then the spraying pesticide spraying tool is an excellent effective tool!A lot of people know to choose the spray machine of big brand, but do not take for example the use method of spray machine.Today I would like to introduce to you how to determine the application time of pesticides and when to apply them effectively!

Pest peak period: For pests, the peak period can be egg incubation peak period, larvae peak period, adult peak period, after all, which period of drug control is very obvious, depends on the specific situation.In principle, the life habits of pests should be controlled at a stage when pests are easily killed and damage can be effectively controlled.For example, spraying insecticide in the peak period of egg mass hatching has a good effect on the prevention and control of hatched larvae, but not necessarily effective on the later hatching larvae, and when the larvae 2-3 age peak, spraying insecticide, one time to prevent and control the problem of insect pests.For example, in the prevention and control of bollworm, because the newly hatched larvae are about to drill into the boll in a short time, if they are used at the peak of 2-3 instar of larvae, the prevention and control effect is very poor, and at the peak of egg mass incubation, the prevention and control effect is particularly obvious;The rice borers and the twill moth are the same.How to determine the time of pesticide application? When controlling pests, usually the drug should be used before the peak of larvae 2-3 age, and some should be controlled after the peak of egg mass hatching, when the drug application can get twice the result with half the effort.

The causes are as follows:

Is a young insect body wall before the age of 3 are very thin, the body wall is also long have a lot of fluff, micro hair growing parts of the skin is very thin, reagent is easily through this layer, and then the insect body small, appetite is big, light damage, activity area is small, weak resistance (resistance), so the discriminant pest control optimum stage, before the peak of drug use should be moderate in 2-3 age, should be some moderation in hatch egg mass before and after the peak of drug use, can achieve good control effect.When it comes to an age of 4 to 6 pests and insect pests of food intake and body wall thickness increased greatly, its thickness can reach 1 instars of 50-100 times, haven't got tiny hair on the body wall, so the easy adhesion on the body wall and through the body wall, achieve pests in vivo is difficult, at the same time, the pest resistance (resistance) medicinal also jumped sharply, thus greatly affect the insecticidal effect of the drug.

Second, with the increase of insect instar, the fat in the insect body also increases, which can accumulate and decompose many pesticides.The higher the fat content, the more obvious the effect, and the stronger the resistance.

The third is the sensitive period of natural enemies: in the sensitive period of the reaction of hostile agents, we should use little or no drugs to protect the natural enemies and maintain the ecological balance in the field.

Fourth, the susceptible growth period: for the disease, susceptible growth period is a good suitable period for the control of agents.If the seedling stage is susceptible to bacterial blight, the seed can be mixed with fungicide before sowing or sprayed at the seedling stage for prevention and control;If the flowering is also the peak of disease infection, therefore, should be controlled in the flowering period to select the key for prevention and control, control the occurrence and spread of disease.

Fifthly, weed sensitive period: herbicide application should be controlled in weed sensitive period.For seed-borne weeds, the germination stage and seedling stage are more sensitive to herbicides, so this period is often the time for herbicide use.It is usually better to control before seedling or weed 1-2 leaf period after sowing.When broad-spectrum herbicides are used, such as gramless, glyphosate, roundup, etc., they should be used when weeds are more sensitive in the flourishing growth period, with obvious weeding effect and long duration.Herbicides should be sprayed at the early stages of weed growth if weeds are controlled in spring and summer fields.

The sixth is the period when the rats are deprived of food.In terms of the degree of effective control of rodent damage, the appropriate control of erbium injection in the stage of rat feeding cessation is better.Many years of experiments have proved that the effect of rodent control in spring is good, because the winter storage of rodents is exhausted and the feeding of poisonous erbium is relatively more.At the same time, rodent control in spring can also reduce the cardinal number and protect the normal emergence and safe growth of spring sowing crops.

Seven is the plant safety period.The safety of the agent to the plant is a prerequisite for the determination of the application period.In the application of pesticides, the crops should be selected to have a strong drug resistance period spraying, so as not to cause crop damage.

Eight is the safety interval.The application period of pesticides should also be in accordance with the safety standards for pesticide use, and the application should be controlled within the safety interval, so as to avoid excessive pesticide residue and adverse results.


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